Sunday, October 2, 2016

EDITCAP - wireshark bundled CLI tool

Useful tool to chunk a large unwieldy packet capture file. Comes bundled with Wireshark.

"c:/program files (x86)/wireshark/editcap.exe" -c 20000 dropped_packets_capture.pcapng split.pcapng

TSHARK - wireshark bundled CLI tool

Useful command line tool bundled with wireshark. Less resource intensive than GUI based Wireshark, with many parameters for quick custom made captures.

List local computer interfaces with  tshark -d

 Quick capture directed to screen  tshark -i 8

Quick capture direct to a file tshark -i 8 -w c:\users\richard\allpkts.pcapng

 Monitor ping statistics Sevice Respons Times  tshark -i 8 -qz icmp,srt

Filter a packet capture file for a particular ip address and create a smaller packet capture file
 "c:/program files (x86)/wireshark/tshark.exe" -r dropped_packets_capture.pcapng - Y "ip.addr==" -w filtered.pcapng

Full tshark command description here