Monday, December 22, 2008

RIP - Versions 1 and 2

Most RIP scenarios these days are based on version 2. That is RIP updates are multicast to ip address In RIP version 1 updates are broadcast to

By default RIP sends updates in version 1 but is capable of receiving up dates in version 1 and 2.

When the 'version 2' command is entered at the router config prompt RIP only then sends and receives in version 2.

If a requirement arises where another router requires version 1 updates, whilst not changing the version 2 operation of the router, this poses a problem. This can be overcome by manipulating the sent and received RIP version on an interface level. This overrides the config router commands.

Here i enable the router to send rip version 1 and 2 updates out of interface fa1/0.

int fa1/0
ip rip send version 1 2

Use the show ip protocol command for verification.

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