Sunday, May 31, 2009

SNMP version 3

SNMP version 3 incorporates security enhancements into the SNMP protocol.

To utilise this new functionality SNMP groups with associated user names and passwords must be created.

The 1st step is to specify an acl of users allowed to access the group

config#ip access-list st 1

config#snmp-server group IELAB v3 auth access 1

The 2nd step is to specify the user names and passwords

config#snmp-server user rich IELAB v3 auth md5 CISCO

Verification can be done with the command

R4#s snmp user
User name: rich
Engine ID: 800000090300CA0309800000
storage-type: nonvolatile active

When defining the snmp host the authentication method can then be specified.

config#snmp-server host version 3 auth IELAB

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