Friday, June 12, 2009


PIM BSR (Bootstrap Routing) - the basics

The BSR mechanism is a nonproprietary method of defining RPs that can be used with third-party routers. There is no configuration necessary on every router separately (except on candidate-BSRs and candidate-RPs). The canidate-RPs are analagous with Auto-RP candidate RPs and the candidate-BSRs are analagous with the Auto RP mapping agent.

Thes can be defined as follows.

ip pim rp-candidate Loopback0

ip pim rp-candidate Loopback0

ip pim bsr-candidate Loopback0 31

Router_5#show ip pim rp-hash
RP (?), v2
Info source: (?), via bootstrap, priority 0, holdtime 150
Uptime: 00:15:07, expires: 00:02:21
PIMv2 Hash Value (mask
RP, via bootstrap, priority 0, hash value 1852227743
RP, via bootstrap, priority 0, hash value 800581801

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