Tuesday, July 7, 2009

QOS - FRTS adaptive shaping

R3 ------- R5

The lab requirement is to allow router 3 to 'oversubcribe' the link TO router 5 at 384k. The provider actually guarantees 256k.
In this situation the cir is set to the 'oversubcribed' rate and the mincir is set to the providers guaranteed rate.

Router 3
map-class frame-relay DLCI_305
frame-relay cir 384000
frame-relay mincir 256000
frame-relay bc 3840
frame-relay be 0
frame-relay adaptive-shaping becn
frame-relay adaptive-shaping interface-congestion

frame-relay adaptive-shaping becn allows the router to adjust its sending rate down to minCIR when BECNs are received from the provider cloud.

frame-relay fecn-adapt when set on the receiving router enables it to generate BECNs when a FECN is received from the provider cloud.

Router 5
map-class frame-relay DLCI_503
frame-relay fecn-adapt

Also in this scenario, the feature frame-relay adaptive-shaping interface-congestion enables the sending router to slow down transmission when the interface queue reaches its threshold.

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