Thursday, September 8, 2011

IPV6 Multicast

IPv6 multicast rears its head on V4 of the CCIE blueprint.  If you know the basics of IPv4 multicast then the basics of IPv6 multicast should be pretty straightforward.   In fact with IPv6 its not even  necessary to define interfaces as multicast capable! Once ipv6 multicast routing is enabled on the router the interfaces become multicast enabled as well.

Here is a config example between just 2 routers connected via an ethernet interface: R1---R2. The basic steps are
i) enable ipv6 multicast routing
ii) define the rp
iii) join an interface with a multicast group


Ipv6 multicast-routing

ipv6 pim rp-address 2002::2


Ipv6 multicast-routing

Int lo0
   ipv6 mld join-group FF04::2

ipv6 pim rp-address 2002::2

With the above configuration an IPV6 PIM neighbourship forms between R1 and R2

The show ipv6 pim group-map command can be used to see a that a multicast address is associated with the RP.

Finally i test the multicast group with a ping

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