Monday, August 15, 2016

Palo Alto

Palo Alto Fundamentals

PA Licensing. Based on yearly subscriptions

  1. Threat Protection:      IPS,Anti-Virus, Anti Spyware
  2. URL Filtering:             Web categorisation filtering
  3. Virtual System:           Multiple Virtual Firewall Contexts
  4. Software Support:      Required for Cisco TAC like support
  5. Wildfire  :                    Crowdsourced Security Intelligence
  6. Global Protect:           Consistent Global User Policy Enforcement  

Ground Up Configuration Steps

      1)    Enable WAN access for any management services that are not available out of the              management Interface. (this is the default/out of box policy) e.g. NTP or DNS

Device -> Services -> Services Features
      2)    Activate Licenses
Device Mangement -> Licences and Support
      3)    Configure Zones
Network -> Zones -> Add

      4)    Configure Virtual Router
Network -> Virtual Routers -> Add

      5)    Configure Interfaces
                  assign to Zone, Virtual Router  and add IP address

      6)    Create a Management Profile
Network -> Interface Management 
      7)    Apply Management Profile to interface under advanced tab


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