Monday, January 5, 2009

Director Response Protocol

As far as i can tell this is one of those oddball subjects that just may rear its head on the CCIE Lab.

In this post i just denote
i) what is it
ii) where to find it on the doc cd
iii) provide a basic config.

Director Response Protocol.
This is a CISCO proprietary product. The DRP server agent is used to communicate with the Distributed Director platform. As a requirement in a lab i guess configuration of the server agent is a possibility.

On the doc cd look in 12.2 IP Configuration Guide. Then under Configuring IP Services. There is a reasonable description on configuring the server agent there.

The only configuration that is required to enable DRP is the global configuration
command 'ip drp server'. Over and above that the DRP server agent can then be configured to only allow certain Directors to communicate with it.

access-list 10 permit
access-list 10 permit

ip drp access-group 10

Additionally some authentication can be included between server agent and directors

key chain RICH
key 1
key-string CISCO
ip drp authentication key-chain RICH

I must confess the DRP still reamins a bit of a 'black box' subject to me, but i figure the above will be enough to cover off the basics.

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