Friday, January 9, 2009

SSM - Source Specific Multicast

A few key notes after reviewing the cisco doc cd...

Requires IGMP version 3

Reserved IANA range

Operates in PIM sparse mode or sparse dense mode

Enabled by ip pim ssm global command

When enabled PIM operations in the SSM address range are treated as PIM SSM.

Ip pim ssm
Int x
Ip pim sparse-mode | ip pim sparse-dense-mode
Ip igmp version 3

Enabling PIM SSM may cause problems for legacy PIM operations in the reserved SSM address range. The following config enables RP to restrict sources in the SSM range from registering

ip pim accept-register list no-ssm-range
ip access-list extended no-ssm-range
deny ip any
permit ip any any

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